Thursday, April 2, 2009

[surkin remixes the juan maclean]

I had to debate putting this one up because it's been blogged about a little bit by now. But then I came to my senses and realized IT'S SURKIN DUDE!! The Golden Child lends his talents to remixing The Juan MacLean's "One Day" and it's fuckin' ace as usual from the Institubes genius. Surkin turns the track into a full fledged electro house love fest. Boy's got the Midas Touch, 'cause this shit is gold.

Oh yeah, if for some reason you don't have Surkin's Gloves Off Mix, grab it up. It has one of the best intros built around Fred Falke's 8:08pm @ The Beach and Dj Ayres' Mr Kirk's Nightmare, and for some reason finds a way to make Nu Nu boss.

The Juan MacLean - One Day (Surkin Remix)

Surkin - Gloves Off Mix

Make sure you grab up Surkin's One Day remix at TurnTableLab. And show all these guys some <3 at their myspaces (links above as usual).


  1. Who's the guy in this photo? And who's the photographer?

    It's FIT.

  2. It's Surkin from one of his shows in Barcelona this year. My bro took it, pretty cool pic. Surkin's one cool bastard.