Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Val Venosta]

Val Venosta are a Swedish electronic band comprised of ERIK & PÄR, hailing from Halmstad, Sweden. And because I'm blessed w/ the great opportunity to run this blog, I get to find obscure gems like this hiding in my mail box. As they noted in their email, they've been played in several big podcasts and one of their songs reached the notoriety of being used as background music on Swedish Public Service Television. So take a listen to their newest single "These Days", which also includes the new track "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" and a "BFB Slow and Low" remix. I think you'll agree with me that these guys deserve much more than to be played in the back, and I'm guessing if they get a little more blog love from others in the blogosphere they'll get it.

"These Days" features a highly rigid and robotic vocal delivery with a heavy Swedish accent and of course some complimentary synth work delivered from an android I'm sure. This track makes me think of a track like Tiga "Shoes" instantaneously for whatever reasons. Now if only their video was as insane as the Tiga video they'd be set.

Val Venosta - These Days

As much of a grower as "These Days" was, "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" is an instant pleasure with the delicate layered synths and very gentle percussion underneath. Some of the synth work on this is world class, feeling almost as if it was plucked right out an M83 album, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts comes to mind . When the synth-work picks up pace, it is soon joined by a series of haunting ghost-like howls to finish it off. The sad part here is that the track is over too soon, I want to hear more of these haunting howls!!

Val Venosta - The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck

Also check out the "BFB Slow and Low" Remix done by Gothenburg (in Sweden, look it up) techno gurus Bird Fish In Between. It really is slow and it really is low, a good way ;)

Val Venosta - These Days (BFB Slow and Low Mix)

So if you're a fellow lover of pretty much everything Sweden, and especially Swedish musicians, get your discohands up in this and afterward check out their music video for "These Days" and drop them a line on their Myspace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

[The Knocks]

For those of you that don't know of The Knocks, let me introduce you. The Knocks are an up and coming NYC producing duo formed in 2006. Comprised of DJ B-Roc and Mr. JPatt, The Knocks have been grindin nonstop and seem intent on taking the NY music scene by storm, and keeping it.

As Cities of The Plain pointed out before me, their music is hard to put into a neat little genre. Part of it screams electro pop, while the other part screams House or Italo disco. Maybe this is part of their master plan, to not be classified into one genre and limit their talents. Their work only enforces this concept, as they've produced a myriad of diverse remixes from Passion Pit to Jay-Z.

When The Knocks aren't busy producing their own music, they are lending their creative talents to other artists under their label HeavyRoc. Currently they are bangin away at the debut album of fellow label mate Samuel, which is set to release in early 2011.

The Knocks were cool enough to pass us along two tracks to present to you. The first is their original track titled "Can't Shake Your Love". If you're looking for that hook heavy dance track with nuances of synths and perfectly seasoned back beats, this is is your dish. Flashes of French House a la Moulinex are ever present here and its bursting at the seams to be thrown out on the dance floor. If you're going to make a good first impression as an artist, THIS is what you hope for.

The Knocks - Can't Shake Your Love

They also sent us their newest remix, of Marina & The Diamonds' track "Mowgli's Road." This is a bit different than what we normally post here, but the remix is really starting to grow on me. How cool is the creepy voiced chorus towards the end?? For some reason that little worm dude from David Bowie's 'Labyrinth' pops into my head. Creepin like a creepa!!

Marina & The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (The Knocks Remix)

If you like what these dudes are bangin' out, Myspace it up!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Fresh into my digital mailbox comes a sweet treat. The debut 12" "Glittering Night EP" from Finnish duo Hannulelauri! While it may be a new name to many, Hannulelauri has a solid dance music pedigree dating back to the halcyon days of Acid House's first surge of popularity in Helsinki in the late 80's, where DJ Ender (aka Hannu) was one of the first DJ's in Finland championing the sound. Ender's long musical history has led him many places including deep club collaborations with Pépé Deluxe and as co-founder of jazz-dance collective Nuspirit Helsinki. Joining up with new jack Lauri Soini, the two have forged ahead as Hannulelauri, embracing 80's style, italo disco and spaced-out rock grooves, giving it their own Finnish twist for 2009.

First up is "Glittering Night", conjuring visions of 8-bit videogame soundtracks applied to the dancefloor, or an alternative theme to the movie Robocop (which Lauri seems to have a strong affinity for), with shimmering electric synth chords washing over a Commodore 64 groove before a Peter Hook soundalike drops a lovely bassline, making New Order comparisons inevitable (a good thing!). Perfect late-night machine funk.

Hannulelauri - Glittering Night

Next is "Sally 2000", a more introspective piece with insistent digital strings providing the foundation for a childlike toy chime melody, pulsating bass and more as layer upon layer builds to a fuzzed-out, pixelated yet beatless climax.

Hannulelauri - Sally 2000

Finally, the late-night vibe continues as "Sally 2000" gets a version from Finland's techno/house master Jori Hulkkonen (needing no introduction nor explanation) who works the track's pleading strings into a more dancefloor-friendly mix, adding perfectly tuned drums and a nice, fat kick but keeping the synth melodies intact and the tempo slower than your normal electrohouse jam.

Hannulelauri - Sally 2000 (Jori Hulkkonen Version)

This release is strictly limited to 400 copies. So if you like what you hear, and I don't know how you couldn't, scrape your Pennies, Euros, Yen, Wooden Nickels, or Wampum together and grab it up via Flexx Digital. Ok they may not take Wampum, and you may be one of those "I already have just posted it dude" type of dude givin' me sass, but who can resist a limited TANGABLE copy!?

Either way stop in and visit their Myspace, which is pretty bad ass might I add, and give a proper shout out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Untouched by the blogosphere and fresh to your virgin ears, here is PinkBoy. He is only one project of Nuno Rosa AKA Gun N' Rose from the illustrious DISCOTEXAS Crew. Got your attention now?

PinkBoy has been a long time resident DJ at the famous Club Lux in Lisbon. He just finished up recording and producing the new single "Paradox" for the band Post Hit. And even better, he's doing us the honor of allowing us to debut his ace remix. Nuno Rosa / PinkBoy / Gun N' Rose has been someone to keep an eye on for a while now, but I think this remix being the pure class track it is, only solidifies his relevance.

So dig in and enjoy the boss remix as well as the instrumental remix, gratis.

Post Hit - Paradox (PinkBoy Remix)
Post Hit - Paradox (PinkBoy Instrumental Remix)

Up next will probably be new tracks from Gun N' Rose as Nuno Rosa is currently in the studio working hard on some new material, which if things go well should be out by late July. Until then, check out his Myspace and say hello!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

[Death To The Throne]

Continuing the DISCOHANDS tradition of introducing new and upcoming producers, we'd like to present to you Death To The Throne, a producer from Phoenix who seems to have a little bit of an obsession with Lykke Li.

When James Nelson (AKA Death To The Throne) sent me his remix of Lykke Li's cover of Knocked Up by Kings of Leon, I knew I had to hear some more from this dude. This would not be a track that I'd normally imagine getting the ol' remix treatment, but then again I'm not a producer and I'm not a talented one at that. That's why I leave the producing to music magicians (not literally) like Death To The Throne.

Lykke Li - Knocked Up (Death To The Throne Remix)

Like I said, Death To The Throne seems to have a bit of an obsession with Lykke Li (not to mention other things.. rhymes with jail bait). So it's only natural to include his remix of 'Lykke Li - Little Bit'.
Death To The Throne pointed out to me the fact that Lykke Li does not seem to like drums or drummers, as apparent by her music. So naturally he felt the need to fill the gap in this remix and I'd have to agree with him that it's a great improvement. So if you're reading this Lykke Li, this dude right here only wants one thing in life, to be your touring drummer. Ok, gave it a shot.

Lykk Li - Little Bit (Death To The Throne Remix)

Moving away from the healthy or not Lykke Li obsession and onto another obsession, mine. M83 has been one of my musical obsessions for a long time, so I thought it would be pretty cool to include Death To The Throne's remix of 'Teen Angst' by the French Genius Anthony Gonzalez (M83). Death To The Throne puts his drummin' skillz to work on this track giving it a more energetic pace to the already hypnotic track.

M83 - Teen Angst (Death To The Throne Remix)

And for your listening pleasure why not throw in Death To The Throne's remix of Chromeo's Fancy Footwork. As much as I like all his tracks, this beast of a track might be more up my alley. The track has all the glitch and synths a synthmeister could want as well as the underlying splash of banger, waiting to burst out. This remix right here is off the chain! One of the best Chromeo remixes I've ever heard, so yeah.

Death To The Throne - Fancy Footwork (Death To The Throne Remix)

Myspace y'all!! Death To The Throne.

[Buffetlibre + Patrick Wolf]

I always love surprises and I'd have to say that getting a fresh track directly from the Buffetlibre Djs is always a pleasant one. Buffetlibre sent us their latest remix for none other than Patrick Wolf. The remix appears on Patrick Wolf's single "Who Will", which was just released a few days ago. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that not only is the track produced by the amazing Buffetlibre, but gets mastered by motherfluffin' Sidechains! What a treat to have 2 of the top producers working together for a great talent as Patrick Wolf.

Patrick Wolf - Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)

Anyways, if you like what you hear be sure to grab up the single as it also contains Buffetlibre's Radio Edit and Dub Version. And afterwards, stop into their Myspace to see what's new if you haven't lately.