Monday, April 13, 2009


I know another blog beat me to the punch on "debuting" Flashmen. But hey, I think I can claim that I spotted Flashmen first. I blame this on my inability to party and post simultaneously (I'm learning). Bradley D! of Flashmen sent me over these two tracks and a bit more info about the band so I could get acquainted with them. Well I've really dug it and think you should give them a listen. So here it is.

Born out of a love for disco string hits and 80’s teen movie soundtracks, Flashmen bring a futuristic blend of vintage synthesizer lust and feel good vibes. The group began as a dream to move to the city and take back Armed with a knack for catchy melodies, the duo of Bradley D (DJ from New York’s Famous Friends) and Daniel E (singer/songwriter) tie together the Brooklyn and Chicago music scenes.

Their music takes you back to the days when you were young and idolized Don Johnson and Tom Selleck as they drove around town making witty quips before taking a beautiful woman home. Bradley describes their sound as “blending the soft romantic 80’s ballads of our childhoods with a little bit of funk.”

The first track to be released is Flashmen Theme which features Bradley D on vocals. The song is a great introduction to Flashmen, and slowly brings you into a world of leisure suits, bad hair, space ships, spies, and martinis. “Can you feel it in the air?” Johnny Quest would be proud.

The B-side to this quickie is Little Wildkat, a ballad with a driving arpeggiated bassline that keeps the groove throughout. Disco string hits and lasers abound and Daniel E’s voice goes a bit raspy to bring out his Indiana farmboy roots.

Give it a listen, dance a bit, shed a nostalgic tear, and embrace Flashmen!

Both tracks are really great, but I have become really intrigued with Flashmen Theme, it's golden.

Flashmen - Flashmen Theme
Flashmen - Little Wildkat

Thanks Bradley D! Looking forward to watching you guys grow and get the respect you guys deserve. Flashmen Myspace <3


  1. I dig that promo. When can we expect to see a video?

  2. Good question! I doubt we'll get to see one until they put out a full album, pretty sure they have alot on their plate right now. They do have a few videos floating around from their live performances.