Saturday, April 18, 2009


datA is due to release his new single "One In A Million" on April 28th featuring remixes from Tomboy and Drixxxé. The track features Sebastien Grainger of the now deceased Death From Above 1979. datA never ceases to amaze me as he's mastered the electro pop genre. The club remix adds a good amount of grit, staying true to the French Banger scene.

datA and Grainger have worked together before, remember "Rapture"? I think this cements it that datA needs to be a duo, not relying on Grainger's voice for limited guest appearances. As much success as he enjoyed with "Rapture", I'm hoping there is even more with "One In A Million" because the track is fuckin' ace.

datA - One In A Million
datA - One In A Million (Club Mix)
datA - Rapture (Pacific! Remix)

If you love datA as much as I do show him some <3 on his Myspace and drop in to BeatPort and iTunes on April 28th to grab up "One In A Million". Props to Death Electro for hooking a dude up with the Club Mix.


  1. omg this is pretty bad ass, so pumped for his full album!! The Club Mix is the tits.

  2. So many good artists getting ready to come out with new albums. So pumped.

  3. Nice to see you're spreading the word.
    Allthough I wouldn't post the tracks if I were you. Since disc-over asked us and umeåbeat to take the track down. I don't know if they'll find out about you posting them (I think they will).

    Just a heads up there.

  4. Ha, well see I think that's because you're not cool w/ them like I am. Web Sheriff has already thanked me personally for promotion, so I wouldn't be shocked if I got another thank you. XD

    Thanks for the heads up though dude.

  5. ..and that last post was supposed to be highly sarcastic btw :D