Friday, April 10, 2009

[Poney Poney + Pacific!]

We have a few new tracks from Poney Poney, French electro rock band extraordinaires. This Parisian duo continue to represent Institubes well. Their upcoming album has plenty of hype behind as it is produced by label mate Para One and *gasp* Xavier de Rosnay of Justice.

Disco Hands favorites, Sweden's Pacific! lend their hand to improve upon Poney Poney's third Institubes' single with their signature piano loop synth attack. A more upbeat Ariel Pink comes to mind here. Grab up the Pacific! remix of datA's Rapture if you don't have it already, classic.

Poney Poney - When Do You Wanna Stop Working?
Poney Poney - When Do You Wanna Stop Working? (Pacific! Remix)
Pacific! - A Tree (Poney Poney Remix)
datA - Rapture (Pacific! Remix)

You can get Poney Poney's new When Do You Wanna Stop Working? EP at Arcade Mode. As well as Pacific!'s Number One EP at Hot Stuff.

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  1. What an interesting situation because I remember I had a friend who used to sing a song called Poney Poney, I was reading the song and it's perfect but it has some differences.