Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok I'm pretty stoked about this writeup, this dude's one of the top upcoming producers right now in my opinion and he's been gracious enough to send us a lot of his tracks. Oh yes, some of these tracks are making their premier exclusively right here and now. word.

Making his DiscoHands debut and essentially his first blogosphere feature, let me introduce Mashepest, an upcoming producer from the UK. You might recognize him from what I consider last year's remix of the year when he remixed Lemonade's track "Real Slime". I'm a fan of Lemonade, but the sick transformation he did was uncanny, turning the tame original into his own psych-disco freak out, single-handedly putting them on the map.

Lemonade - Real Slime (Mashepest Remix)

Mashepest has been been doing music for a while now, and although classically trained, he says he was a big listener of 90's chart music which has been a big influence on his current music. Mashepest has also been producing grime music for years under his moniker Grime Reaper. And although he produces two separate brands of music, you can still hear faint hints of grime in both.

The thing I really dig about the music Mashepest is making, is that it's his own style. The music is extremely eclectic, and he's not out there mimicking the rest of the scene like so many others. Instead he's making his own scene and doing what he wants, not trying to share someone elses spotlight.

Keepin it rollin' here's a debut of the track "So Young" which has Mashepest's quick but chilled beats layered between some oh so lovely synths. The heavy synth action in this one at first put me to thinking Valerie Collective, but that quickly faded as the track progressed. Mashepest stays true to his own unique style.

Debut! Mashepest - So Young

Where "So Young" hints at being chill but still fast enough to keep your dancin shoes on, "Million" dives in head first. Although the track is chill as a penguin, there is much more going on here to keep you interested. Sounds like: µ-Ziq meets The KLF.

Mashepest - Million

"Technical Hitch" is another previously unreleased track which builds upon Mashepest's ability to use transformed vocal loops and package them with catchy uptempo bursts to create an intriguing track.

Debut! Mashepest - Technical Hitch

Mashepest continues to work his magic with his "O'Ryan Concept Remix", keepin it droned out with some off tempo beats. Again, he finds a way to remix something that others might not have the skills or imagination to. Sounds like : Bjork meets High Places.

Mashepest - O'Ryan Concept Remix

I think the sky is the limit for this dude, and surprised the blogosphere hasn't caught onto him as much as they have to some others out there. Mashepest wants you to lend him your ears, so here's the rest of his tracks for you to get your discohands on.

We Got Wires - Eye For An Eye (Mashepest Remix)
Mashepest - Fundamental
Mashepest - Mineral
Debut! Mashepest - Amstrad Rebellion
Debut! Mashepest - Eureka Sounds Good

Be some cool cats and mosey on over to his Myspace to buddy up and give some appreciation for this budding star.


  1. Seriously LOVE Real Slime Bounce. It sounds nothing like the original because it´s 100 times better!

  2. So Young is fuckin' ace!

  3. This is some good music right here. I'm loving So Young and Million. Will spread the word about this guy fo sure.

    Excelent post. keep it up and welcome to the blogroll.

  4. Will listen to these in the gym this afternoon. Thanks.

    He's really handsome too.

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  6. Very nice, loved Real Slime Bounce.

  7. Million and Minerls and obviously Real Slime are super nicccce!

  8. I'm hooked on Technical Hitch and So Young.. but it's all good stuff.

  9. Million has become my favorite I think... The very first beats just reach out and grab you and hold you down on the ground and start having their way with you. LOL. But for real I love this song.

  10. Hey, the links don't work anymore... would really appreciate it if you could fix them, or send them to my email address (, as Mashepest is one of my favourite artists and his tunes are very hard to get. P.s. Technical Hitch is my favourite ;)

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