Friday, April 10, 2009

[little boots + the golden filter]

Ok I was going to go to sleep (sooo tired), but when you come across two in house favorites The Golden Filter AND Little Boots making music together, sleep can wait. Aleks over at discodust was generous to share this currently hard to come by remix, which is in glorious 320 might I add. The Golden Filter slow down the track to their own surreal and spacey style, but still keep it building up with the danceable chorus. Perfect for when the night is dying down and you want to go to sleep, and dream of Little Boots with The Golden Filter. ;)

I don't know if I can compare it to Fred Falke's remix of the same song because it is one of my favorite remixes this year, but this will definitely be playing non stop tomorrow. And while I'm at it and can't seem to stay away from Valerie Collective, check out the Russ Chimes Remix of The Golden Filter's Solid Gold, it's golden (I can't help myself).

Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)
Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)
The Golden Filter - Solid Gold (Russ Chimes Remix)

*worships and loves*

Support the artists yall! Little Boots, The Golden Filter, Fred Falke, Russ Chimes.


  1. Thanks for the love!! GREAT posts here.. <3 Pegase + Golden Filter.

  2. Is this blog a subsidiary of DiscoDust? I follow both, but I'm starting to sense a 'five minutes later' pattern.. haha.

    JC xx

  3. It's not a subsidiary of DiscoDust, I'm often on DiscoDust ;)

  4. Get the Wahmubalance, seriously. We have something good going up real soon, and maybe you won't be invited to get it. You obviously don't know how music blogs work.

  5. I think someone doesn't realize that blogs don't post original material. LOL

  6. I wasn't attacking this blog: Hence, I'm a follower. I was just asking if it's a subsidiary of DiscoDust, jeeze kids!

    But in response to Weakbad: There are millions or original blogs, with new art, music, fashion sketches, poetry. And even secondary material can, and should, be original: opinions, perspective, etc. Even completely copied articles and be innovative if the blogger has an encompassing command of language.

    JC x

  7. Blogs are all different and just because everything is original or premiered doesn´t necessarily take away from the blog. There is in fact some decent commentary going on here and the blog seems to do a good job in the taste department. Hopefully they can get some good artists to premier material on this site, particularly artists we don´t get exposure to from other blogs. So far so good from what I see.

  8. Thanks, like I said before though. This blog is in its beginning stages. I'm making some connections and working hard on it. I have a few artists (One who I LOVE) working on some stuff for us. Flashmen already hooked me up w/ their stuff, but they happened to hook up another blog up as well (no, I didn't copy it, I know their lead singer a little bit). But stay tuned, I have a few exclusives on the way!

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