Saturday, August 15, 2009

[Owl Vision]

The Swedish "Electro Beast of the East", otherwise known as Owl Vision has sent us some great tracks to share with everyone. Fresh off the presses is the new release, "Darkness EP". "Darkness" is the first single off his upcoming album, and the title doesn't mislead a bit as he keeps it dark, deep and gritty, not overwhelming us with bass like other musician tend to do.

Owl Vision - Darkness

As much as I like the title track, the Vektorkat remix is my favorite of the bunch. Vektorkat keeps the grittiness of the original and then is all like "hey what's this over here? oh, just some more grit". Despite the gritty overdose, the track is very danceable, most likely taking lessons from an act like MSTRKRFT on how to keep it raw, yet dance. Although this track is my favorite off the EP, lets not forget that all great works of art start with a great canvas.

Owl Vision - Darkness (Vektorkat Remix)

If you like what you hear, you'll love even more that the EP is available for FREE, thanks to Owl Vision's heart of gold. Aside from the title track and Vektorkat's ace remix, there's more from Owl Vision himself and Distrakt. He wants to be heard, so lend him your ears. Grab the entire Darkness EP HERE.

Owl Vision has just finished up his upcoming album, due to be released any day now. So stop by his Myspace for all the details and drop a line. Peace!

[Samuel + The Knocks]

If you remember... we mentioned before that The Knocks were busy in the studio producing the upcoming debut for fellow label mate, Samuel. Well to give you a bit of a tease while we wait for that, we have the fresh new track from this relatively unknown up and comer. Samuel covers Ellie Goulding's track 'Starry Eyed' and it doesn't disappoint. Oh yes, it's produced by The Knocks, so you know its of good stock.

This isn't a full fledged dance track or epic synth jam like we usually post up in here, but it's got that electro slow jam vibe pulled off perfectly. I'm not as in love with Goulding as alot of other blogs, but her vocals seem to work smoothly with Samuel's chill style.

Samuel - Starry Eyed (Ellie Goulding Cover, produced by The Knocks)

Not quite ready to whip out when the party is taking off, but throw this on towards the end of the night for that starry eyed feel, as it's sure to help you wind down and enjoy the night.

I know you've paid a visit before to The Knocks' Myspace, so do the same for Samuel as well. I'm sure he'll be getting alot of DH love in the future, so stay tuned!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Cavaliers of Fun]

Unicorns, check... Space, check... Unicorns IN space, check... And that my friends is how you get my attention.

"Imagine a one man space odyssey to discover new worlds, new beats, new sounds... Cruising through galaxies of retro synths spinning out huge solos, arpeggios running wild through the space prairies and beats the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex. COF is piloting a solo space pod to travel back to the 80s on Planet Earth. But in his own private galaxy it's already year 2112.."

Ricco Vitali, AKA Cavaliers of Fun is an electronic producer from the UK, although his Space Unicorn emblazoned Myspace has him listed as living in space. Either way, he's doing some really cool and fun music right now, and you need to take a listen.

His track "Secret Galaxies" has the laid back pop feel of a Pacific! track, but the melodramatic seriousness of a Kate Bush ballad. Hey.. this dude really loves his secret galaxies!!

Cavaliers of Fun - Secret Galaxies

Keeping in space stride, here is another of his tracks "2012"... about the year 2012, when we'll move to space via doomsday, naturally.

Cavaliers of Fun - 2012

When he's not on his own personal space voyages, COF is lending his interesting talents to others as evident in his remix of The Teenagers single Feeling Better.

The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)

So take a look at his spacey ass Myspace and buddy up, I have a feeling he's going to catch on quickly and get some nice blog love.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


DIGIRAATII are back again with some new dancefloor goodness. The pace at which they put out new material is mind numbing. Instead of hitting up other electronic artists to remix, this time they try their hand at Canadian R&B musician Drake with his new single "Best I Ever Had." All the R&B of the original has been drained out while DIGIRAATII put the dance into its place. As for Drake, well, this is the best remix he's ever had... count it.

Drake - Best I Ever Had (DIGIRAATII REMIX)

DIGIRAATII are quickly moving their way up the ranks of electronic music thanks to lots of blog love and word of mouth... and of course their pure talent. They will be playing with the illustrious DATA and others @ The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A. on August 9th doing a Rooftop Pool Party, so if you're in the area check it out. DATA, DIGIRAATII, and a motherfluffin' pool, how chill is that!? Oh yeah, Myspace em if you haven't.