Sunday, October 25, 2009

[Classixx + Drop The Lime]

We've got a new remix from the always great Classixx for Drop The Lime's hot track "Devil's Eyes". The remix is a nice change of pace as it slows it down and draws out the drama. I'm not going to go into it too much, just grab it for yourself and enjoy.

Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (Classixx's B-Live Mix)

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Drop The Lime

Friday, October 23, 2009

[Relation + Lifelike]

80's sounds have been nothing new as of late, the usual cast from Valerie Collective, On The Fruit Records, and other inspired artists have continually put out the tracks that we know and love. I sometimes think of them as quasi-80's songs, resembling that era, but still derivative, still new, still exciting.. but selective of a nitch 80's music scene.

Lately though, I've been noticing some artist putting out tracks not so synth based, not so electronic, not so upbeat.. maybe even a bit more 80's? Let's remember that the 80's tracks were not always futuristic synth crazy tracks. One of our favorite electronic artists, Lifelike, has transformed Relation's new track "Your Tiny Mind" to fit neatly into this style. It's still has that quintessential 80's feel, but not like you may be expecting. It's completely refreshing and intriguing, paying homage to the other part of 80's music which may often be linked with the "sad parts" of the iconic 80's movies you remember. Either way, totally enjoyable. :)

"Tiny Little Mind" is off of Relation's new album, 'Fear of Night', and you can stream the entire album here.

Relation - Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Radio Edit)

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Stephen Falken]

Valerie Collective shining synth-star, Stephen Falken, in conjunction with Flexx Records presents to us his newest masterpiece "Vision". This 4-track journey is classic Falken, dominated by mysterious pitch black synths. It is self proclaimed "The Mid 80's Movie Score You Never Heard." That is.. until now. And if you love the album like I know you will, visit Flexx Records and grab the real deal. The artwork itself is worth the price of admission.

Stephen Falken - Visions

1. Stephen Falken - The Deal
2. Stephen Falken - Visions
3. Stephen Falken - Shadow of the Wind
4. Stephen Falken - Emotion Engine

Stephen Falken

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[Drop The Lime]

What goes good with Bacardi? Lime? Yes, but even better, Drop The Lime! Let me explain.. Bacardi has been picking up lately on what the cool kids (you and me) have been listening to these days, so they've worked with some of our favorite musicians to put out some really great new tracks, Drop The Lime being one of them. Don't let Michael Moore convince you Capitalism is a monster, here is proof that great things can come from the belly of the beast! We love Bacardi (can I have a free t-shirt?) and we love Drop The Lime!

Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes

Anyways, here is the aforementioned track from Drop The Lime (AKA Curses!) named "Devil's Eyes" which is serious business, as you will soon pickup from the dramatization of the track. I LOVE overly dramatic tracks, and am really diggin' this one. Luca (Drop The Lime) also put out a nice club remix of the same track with a little bit more kick and shoegaze for those of us who get a little tipsy on Bacardi and want to get lost in the music.

Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (LUCA'S B-LIVE CLUB MIX)

Bottoms up!

Drop The Lime

Monday, October 12, 2009

[Reni Lane + Acid Girls + Frankmusik + Chromeo]

I've been obsessively enjoying a few tracks recently, to get my mind off the increasingly monotonous aspects of life lately, first up is a really great remix from RAC of Reni Lane's track 'Place For Us'. This track reminds me of the awesome Aeroplane remix of the track 'Paris' by Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone... and I don't care if they're similar or not, just sayin.

Reni Lane - Place For Us

Another track I've been going insane over is the Acid Girls track 'Wake Up' featuring Frankmusik. What a pleasant surprise, because I could never get into Frankmusik before, and now I can sorta see what his appeal is. This track has a hook that is so addictive it's straight up ridic.

Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik - Wake Up

And furthermore, it'd be a total shame not to mention Chromeo's new single 'Night By Night' What can I say? There's nothin new here, nothing Chromeo hasn't done before, nothing groundbreaking. Awesome! That's what makes this track so damn good. Chromeo have never failed to impress me lately with anything they touch. As bad as their videos are, and unappealing they may look, they can make some catchy ass tunes while keeping the throwback tunes legit.

Chromeo - Night By Night

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

[Washed Out]

I was introduced to this music by a friend, and figured I'd pass it on. Washed Out is an unsigned talent coming way out of Georgia US of A. His music is ultra chill, but in that lo-fi beautiful flavor much akin to Ariel Pink. These tracks are off his Life of Leisure EP, so check it out, and appreciate.

Washed Out - Get Up
Washed Out - Hold Out
Washed Out - New Theory

And when you're done, please pay some respect by visiting his Myspace.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow.. what a hiatus. I completely walked out on this whole blogging thing, but for good reasons. I'm bizack, but I'm going to keep it simple from here on. I'm really busy lately doing some shit for educational purposes, but I can't give up on this blog. If I have the time to do some features I'll do them, but I'm going to plan on throwing music up more often, but with less writing. So if you're here for the music, great! That's what I'm here for as well. So if you've stuck around, thanks for checkin' back and keepin' the dream alive. :)

On that note, new remix from DISCOHANDS regulars DIGIRAATII. Here is their new track, their remix of LexiconDon - Heart Attack.

"I want it back today"... me too.

LexiconDon - Heart Attack (DIGIRAATII Remix)