Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Meet DiscoHand's newest friend, Alexandre Doré AKA Ahllex, a 19 year old electro musician from Quebec, Canada. Ahllex has been putting out music already for over 7 years, starting when he was only 12 years old. He is also a man of many names and projects, having put out music on the side for his projects Kid 90, Le Discoboy, A Man Called Ahllex, Doremi, and Do It At Home, his most recent Electro Trash collaboration with Marc Rémillard (also of Doremi).

He's done remixes for Thieves Like Us, Fourplay, Ravage! Ravage!, Traumasick, Marc Rémillard, and Pop Inc. only to name a few. Ahllex's remix of "Looking for the KLF" was chosen as the runner up for Pop Inc's remix contest. As well, his remix for Marc Rémillard's "Feeling Fresh" will be on the illustrious So French Records with a special remix from none other than Xinobi, so stay tuned for that. Check this shit out!

Ahllex - Ghetto Blaster (Original Mix)
Do It At Home - Milk Bottles
Le Discoboy - Loving Night
Ravage! Ravage! - Oh My Beau Gigolo (Ahllex Remix)
Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Ahllex Remix)

As always, show this dude some love and support by visiting his Myspace and Twitter.


  1. Cool.
    Can you put up some songs from when he was 12? I could do with a lift.


  2. awesome thieves remix, congrats to ahllex!

  3. I'm a DJ and when I see people like this dude I feel happy 'cause I know that he's pushing hard to get succeed. Good luck to this young dude.

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