Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Stephen Falken]

Valerie Collective shining synth-star, Stephen Falken, in conjunction with Flexx Records presents to us his newest masterpiece "Vision". This 4-track journey is classic Falken, dominated by mysterious pitch black synths. It is self proclaimed "The Mid 80's Movie Score You Never Heard." That is.. until now. And if you love the album like I know you will, visit Flexx Records and grab the real deal. The artwork itself is worth the price of admission.

Stephen Falken - Visions

1. Stephen Falken - The Deal
2. Stephen Falken - Visions
3. Stephen Falken - Shadow of the Wind
4. Stephen Falken - Emotion Engine

Stephen Falken


  1. killer.

    Falken continues to create flawless magic.

    check out my blog now that i've checked yours!

  2. Stephen Falken is a great singer , I have some of these music, I love the 80's because It was the best time of the music, I have some music and some albums, thanks for sharing this great info.