Monday, October 12, 2009

[Reni Lane + Acid Girls + Frankmusik + Chromeo]

I've been obsessively enjoying a few tracks recently, to get my mind off the increasingly monotonous aspects of life lately, first up is a really great remix from RAC of Reni Lane's track 'Place For Us'. This track reminds me of the awesome Aeroplane remix of the track 'Paris' by Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone... and I don't care if they're similar or not, just sayin.

Reni Lane - Place For Us

Another track I've been going insane over is the Acid Girls track 'Wake Up' featuring Frankmusik. What a pleasant surprise, because I could never get into Frankmusik before, and now I can sorta see what his appeal is. This track has a hook that is so addictive it's straight up ridic.

Acid Girls feat. Frankmusik - Wake Up

And furthermore, it'd be a total shame not to mention Chromeo's new single 'Night By Night' What can I say? There's nothin new here, nothing Chromeo hasn't done before, nothing groundbreaking. Awesome! That's what makes this track so damn good. Chromeo have never failed to impress me lately with anything they touch. As bad as their videos are, and unappealing they may look, they can make some catchy ass tunes while keeping the throwback tunes legit.

Chromeo - Night By Night

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  1. erm... think you mean

    "awesome Aeroplane remix of the track 'Paris' by Friendly Fires featuring Au Revoir Simone"


  2. Yes.. yes I did. I have NO CLUE what I was thinking. Been a long week xD Thanks for pointing that out!