Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[Drop The Lime]

What goes good with Bacardi? Lime? Yes, but even better, Drop The Lime! Let me explain.. Bacardi has been picking up lately on what the cool kids (you and me) have been listening to these days, so they've worked with some of our favorite musicians to put out some really great new tracks, Drop The Lime being one of them. Don't let Michael Moore convince you Capitalism is a monster, here is proof that great things can come from the belly of the beast! We love Bacardi (can I have a free t-shirt?) and we love Drop The Lime!

Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes

Anyways, here is the aforementioned track from Drop The Lime (AKA Curses!) named "Devil's Eyes" which is serious business, as you will soon pickup from the dramatization of the track. I LOVE overly dramatic tracks, and am really diggin' this one. Luca (Drop The Lime) also put out a nice club remix of the same track with a little bit more kick and shoegaze for those of us who get a little tipsy on Bacardi and want to get lost in the music.

Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes (LUCA'S B-LIVE CLUB MIX)

Bottoms up!

Drop The Lime

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