Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow.. what a hiatus. I completely walked out on this whole blogging thing, but for good reasons. I'm bizack, but I'm going to keep it simple from here on. I'm really busy lately doing some shit for educational purposes, but I can't give up on this blog. If I have the time to do some features I'll do them, but I'm going to plan on throwing music up more often, but with less writing. So if you're here for the music, great! That's what I'm here for as well. So if you've stuck around, thanks for checkin' back and keepin' the dream alive. :)

On that note, new remix from DISCOHANDS regulars DIGIRAATII. Here is their new track, their remix of LexiconDon - Heart Attack.

"I want it back today"... me too.

LexiconDon - Heart Attack (DIGIRAATII Remix)


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