Friday, October 23, 2009

[Relation + Lifelike]

80's sounds have been nothing new as of late, the usual cast from Valerie Collective, On The Fruit Records, and other inspired artists have continually put out the tracks that we know and love. I sometimes think of them as quasi-80's songs, resembling that era, but still derivative, still new, still exciting.. but selective of a nitch 80's music scene.

Lately though, I've been noticing some artist putting out tracks not so synth based, not so electronic, not so upbeat.. maybe even a bit more 80's? Let's remember that the 80's tracks were not always futuristic synth crazy tracks. One of our favorite electronic artists, Lifelike, has transformed Relation's new track "Your Tiny Mind" to fit neatly into this style. It's still has that quintessential 80's feel, but not like you may be expecting. It's completely refreshing and intriguing, paying homage to the other part of 80's music which may often be linked with the "sad parts" of the iconic 80's movies you remember. Either way, totally enjoyable. :)

"Tiny Little Mind" is off of Relation's new album, 'Fear of Night', and you can stream the entire album here.

Relation - Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Radio Edit)

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  1. Oooh noice song man. Thats some slick stuff. Cool blog too, link swap?

    Stay sexy,