Friday, May 29, 2009


You knew it was going to be good, but Skywriter, the first LP release from DatA exceeds expectations and blows them way the fuck out of the water. We got a taste of things to come with 'One In A Million', which was bad ass, but as with most albums the single takes the cake.. but not Skywriter. This is no diss, in fact its a damn good compliment, and shows the depth this album has. From the beginning piano of 'Verdict' you know you're in for a treat. You know it'll be epic when the organ like synths soon follow. It's a good rule of thumb that organs are good foreshadowing for a great album, it's science.

DatA - Verdict

I was mentioning to a friend that this album has a feel to it that hasn't been done since Justice's "Cross". "Skywriter" is a perfect example of how you handle hype and put together an album that delivers. DatA has shown that you don't stick to one style, you expand and make your own sound. Sprinkled between his hook heavy catchy as shit electro jams are Kavinsky-eque synth emblazoned classic.

DatA - Aerius Light

The influences continue to rain down when you hear a track like 'So Much In Love' which has you thinking Daft Punk 'Emotion' meets Justice 'Phantom'. And then then halfway through you realize DatA is doing his own thing as usual.. using the first half only as a drawn out intro to the meat of the track the Discofunk chorus which repeats its way into the next track leaving you wanting more.

DatA - So Much In Love

When comparing a few tracks to Justice it gets a little tricky. Some tracks are classic "Cross", but a few go in the direction of newer "Planisphere" Justice w/ the epic guitar sections blended in.

DatA - Renaissance Theme

With DatA showing his maturity with mixing things up and keeping it interesting throughout the album, I still find that my favorites are his vocal laced songs such as 'Skywriter'. Oh yes, Rapture is in there as well, so glad he decided to incorporate it into the album since it's one of my favorite songs in the electro realm.

DatA - Skywriter

I highly recommend you bust up your piggy bank on this one, you can grab up this highly recommended gem at iTunes. And while we're speaking of change, drop on by his Myspace and give him your 2cents.


  1. Nice post.
    This CD is quite amazing.
    Glad I was able to obtain it

  2. Great post once again, loving the new DatA!

  3. DatA is coming to Puerto Rico this month! I'm excited! TEKADISKO, an underground label is hosting the show. and