Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok, first off.. I really enjoy having to make another post after some assholes decide to delete my blog posts without telling me what the problem is. I originally posted a nice DIGIRAATII remix of Amanda Blank's "Get It Now".. which I will repost now. I get this stuff from the artists, so back the fuck up..and get your hand off that delete button, k? Anyways..

Better late than never, but fresh for your ears is DIGIRAATII back with another banger. This time they assault the hell out of Amanda Blank 's "Get It Now", which is always welcome. Their Yeah Yeah Yeahs ' "Heads Will Roll" remix has been getting some really great response lately and is moving its way up the Hype Machine charts oh so quickly.

Amanda Blank - Get It Now (DIGIRAATII remix)

Sorry to the DIGIRAATII dudes for this shiz, I'd like to include a certain BURNS remix of a certain Yuksek & Amanda Blank song.. but since shit randomly disappears w/o explanation.. I will resist for now. Maybe this is just a wakeup call that I need to get off my ass and post a little more.

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