Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ok back into my blogging form after a little layover in Lazyville (population: 1). Let me introduce MMMatthias, an electro German producer who labels his music as both "easy listening" and "hardcore". This may have you scratching your head for a bit, but only until you listen to his music and get what he means. In the words of a wise fellow DH blogger, Pretty/Ugly, "He manages to bring electro to a calming point where if you are soothed by glitches, stop & pauses - this fits perfectly into your routine of staring out of public transit windows". Well said.

MMMatthias sent us over his newest remix and I've been really enjoying it after letting it sink in my brain a bit. It's his take on Moderat's 'Les Grandes Marches', and he owns it in every sense of owning something.

Moderat - Les Grandes Marches (MMMatthias remix)

His Moderat remix is just one more addition to his already impressive collection of work. The remix of Sigur Ros' 'Saeglopur' is smooth and chill, yet full of glitch, keeping you in a twitchy daze. If music really is a drug, this is the meth variety.

Sigur Ros - Saeglopur (MMMatthias remix)

ALSO, you have to get his "1981 remix" of Database' 'Miami'. I don't want to waste time with silly words about how good it is, just get on it.

Database - Miami (MMMatthias 1981 remix)

If you're a glitch freak, check out his MGMT remix of 'The Youth' as well.

MGMT - The Youth (MMMatthias remix)

And lastly, I present to you good people his remix of Royksopp's 'Vision One'. A.) Because I LOVE 'Vision One', and B.) Because my DH blogger buddy I mentioned before HATES this remix. So there, EAT IT!

Royksopp - Vision One (MMMatthias remix)

This guy is one to keep an eye on, each remix of his gets better and better and he shows no sign of slowing down. Take a look at his MMMyspace and hit him up!

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  1. I love where this mmmatthias comes in hard as fuck half way. Amazing.