Thursday, May 14, 2009

[double dragon]

Last week when I did a little writeup for PILLAGE I told you to check out the compilation dubbed "Be Juicy" from On The Fruit Records. Well if you ignored my advice you missed out on some amazing artists and songs. But to further prove my point and try to entice you once again, I present Double Dragon, a duo coming straight outta south France.

Double Dragon are no newbs to the game, although under represented in the blogosphere, they've done remixes for the likes of NOTe FOUND, Ghost In The Water, Enfant Terrible, Culture Prophet, Popular Damage, and We Are Terrorists.

Like any good nu-wave retro act should, these boys love their rock n roll and their movies. Although they didn't specify which movies, I'd make the assumption they love their 80's horror flicks with their mix of Sylvester Stallone as well.

Double Dragon were nice to send us a few of their tracks, and they are some goodins. The first is "Perdu", which is featured on their Perdu EP. It's a rockin electro track much less of a disco track than PILLAGE, but more in the creepy mood of electro king DANGER. They intertwine some French spoken word throughout the track, and I have no clue what they are saying.. but I'd like to imagine its some dialogue set to a horror flick with an insane serial killer stalking his prey. It works for me.

Double Dragon - Perdu

And if the last track wasn't spooky enough, they up the anty with "Misery" which starts off with some haunting synths which reminds me of Friday the 13th. Don't expect to hear this one at your local discoteca, because I don't think too many people are going to find a way to dance to this one quit yet. Instead this one is a brilliant piece you need to turn the lights off and chill with, by yourself, and appreciate what it means to produce unique music which takes you places beyond the dance floor.

Double Dragon - Misery

Their track "To Be A Hero!" steps away from the horror flick soundtracks and sets a lighter happier more inspiring mood. "You too can be a hero!" is the message I am getting from them. Their Myspace page features a picture of an NFL player chuggin ahead towards the endzone alongside this song, and the music fits it perfectly. It sounds as if they've sampled some inspiring NFL theme song and put their own nu wave rockin' twist on it. Since these guys sound to be movie buffs, I think this song would be more fitting alongside The Karate Kid and not Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Definitely an upgrade from Jose Esposito's "You're The Best".

Double Dragon - To Be A Hero!

And if you did not grab up the On The Fruit Records compilation I tried to shove down your throats like a delicious orange, grab up the lone Double Dragon track from it. It's Double Dragon remixing NOTe FOUND's "Night Bus" and it is a peach.

NOTe FOUND - Nightbus (Double Dragon remix)

I'm sure these guys will be getting much more blog love as they've just released their Perdu EP via Eikyou rec!, which you can of course purchase @ Beatport. They are currently doing some projects with Doriane and Eyr as well. Thanks again to these two for sharing their wonderful music, and remember to drop by their Myspace and show some <3.


  1. Double Dragon is one of my fav dudes right now, great shit as usual on dh.

  2. Hell yeah, glad you like him. Me too!!