Saturday, February 13, 2010

[Uffie Vs. Ke$ha]

Granted, this is nothing special. However, after hearing all the buzz about the major-label swagger-jack of Uffie by this new artist "Ke$ha", I had to laugh when I saw this online. I hope you do too. P.S. I'm not the hugest Uffie fan, but if I had to pick - I'm Team Uff - all the way. Just listen to her glide through, like a Puma, on Mr.Oizo's Remix of his own already-bossass track - "Steroids".

Mr. Oizo - Steroids - feat. Uffie (Mr.Oizo Remix)

Mr. Oizo's Myspace


  1. Seriously... kesha is an OBVIOUS RIP OFF OF UFFIE! So gross w her wanna be LADY GAGA make up. Listening to her makes me want to air punch!

  2. totally agree with irene!!
    nice blog btw!