Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Goldfrapp + Grum]

GAH! The Holy Duo of Electro is back for another round this Spring with an album titled "Head First". I'm going to have to take a moment and put this on my list of things to purchase and geek out to when released. Obviously, if you have been awake and reading blogs, Grum is "all-the-rage". Yes, I am a grown man. And yes, I sound like a 15 yr. old school girl. Do I care...what do you think? Maybe I expected too much from Goldfrapp's comeback single. Just maybe...However, this one is a grower. Grum helps that growth spread all over your brain and make you wish you had lasers shooting from your hands. If you want to bash Goldfrapp, please start hating yourself even more right now. Believe me, I tried and ended up buying the new single. Anyone who's debut album is fantastic as "Felt Mountain" is allowed to release a blank disc as their next single. So that being said, please flashback to 80s neon lights with Grum, Alison Goldfrapp and me and ride this "Rocket".
P.s. If you wanna get high on nothing but Goldfrapp, please click the link below to blast you off onto their homewebsite. They are streaming nothing but craploads of their catalogue online, for you, the Goldheads.

Goldfrapp - Rocket (Grum Remix)

Goldfrapp Homesite


  1. Wow. Have been a confirmed Frapper/Goldhead/lover of all things Will & Alison since I saw her on Jools Holland about 10 years ago or more. This is a grower and this version is superb - thanks!

  2. I feel like.. dont know, 80´s 90´s ??

    NICE tune

  3. Nice post, digging this!