Wednesday, August 5, 2009


DIGIRAATII are back again with some new dancefloor goodness. The pace at which they put out new material is mind numbing. Instead of hitting up other electronic artists to remix, this time they try their hand at Canadian R&B musician Drake with his new single "Best I Ever Had." All the R&B of the original has been drained out while DIGIRAATII put the dance into its place. As for Drake, well, this is the best remix he's ever had... count it.

Drake - Best I Ever Had (DIGIRAATII REMIX)

DIGIRAATII are quickly moving their way up the ranks of electronic music thanks to lots of blog love and word of mouth... and of course their pure talent. They will be playing with the illustrious DATA and others @ The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A. on August 9th doing a Rooftop Pool Party, so if you're in the area check it out. DATA, DIGIRAATII, and a motherfluffin' pool, how chill is that!? Oh yeah, Myspace em if you haven't.


  1. DIGIRAATII's gettin some love on here lately eh? Don't blame you! good stuff as usual :)

  2. Niccce!

    It's nice to hear something with some real beats, keep em coming. Love the site!