Sunday, August 9, 2009

[Cavaliers of Fun]

Unicorns, check... Space, check... Unicorns IN space, check... And that my friends is how you get my attention.

"Imagine a one man space odyssey to discover new worlds, new beats, new sounds... Cruising through galaxies of retro synths spinning out huge solos, arpeggios running wild through the space prairies and beats the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex. COF is piloting a solo space pod to travel back to the 80s on Planet Earth. But in his own private galaxy it's already year 2112.."

Ricco Vitali, AKA Cavaliers of Fun is an electronic producer from the UK, although his Space Unicorn emblazoned Myspace has him listed as living in space. Either way, he's doing some really cool and fun music right now, and you need to take a listen.

His track "Secret Galaxies" has the laid back pop feel of a Pacific! track, but the melodramatic seriousness of a Kate Bush ballad. Hey.. this dude really loves his secret galaxies!!

Cavaliers of Fun - Secret Galaxies

Keeping in space stride, here is another of his tracks "2012"... about the year 2012, when we'll move to space via doomsday, naturally.

Cavaliers of Fun - 2012

When he's not on his own personal space voyages, COF is lending his interesting talents to others as evident in his remix of The Teenagers single Feeling Better.

The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)

So take a look at his spacey ass Myspace and buddy up, I have a feeling he's going to catch on quickly and get some nice blog love.


  1. Would be great if this "space man" can add some useful information through the blog, this electronic producer is one of the best in Myspace, and I think you're right: he's doing a great job about the music style.