Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[Little Boots + Buffetlibre + Sidechains]

Ok when I've said before that I couldn't get enough of Little Boots, I think someone was listening.. 'cause I check my inbox and find like a zillion LB remixes for her new single 'Remedy'. Boss. To make awesome even more awesome, I have some new material from the always stellar Spaniard producers, Buffetlibre AND Sidechains. These guys are as good as they come and a both DH staples.

Their remix of Little Boots - Remedy is one of the best ones out right now. The remix is an exercise in European Club 101, at the Masters level. Right from the start Buffetlibre and Sidechains keep you dancing, while throwing Little Boots around like a rag doll, even tossing in some drum and bass to keep you on your feet. If you think you've got it all figured out, you don't. Keep you on your feet they do, making this one ripe to be a club favorite.

Little Boots - Remedy (Buffetlibre vs. Sidechains Remix)

Since we like to keep you coming back, how about some more Buffetlibre? Deal. Let us present to you Buffetlibre's remix of Cartridge - The Woods. I have not been in the loop with Cartridge like a good boy should, but damn this track is brilliant.. who do I thank, Cartridge or Buffetlibre? Who cares I guess, 'cause you don't look a gift horse in the mouf. What we have here sounds like a brilliant bastard child of MGMT meets Passion Pit meets Miike Snow. Off the hook!

Cartridge - The Woods (Buffetlibre Remix)

Ok back to the Little Boots Remedy Remix Extravaganza! We have 3 more remixes of the track from 3 different producers. Discobloodbath, Crazi Cousinz, and Rusko all try their hand at reworking the track. The Crazi Cousinz remix is spacier and more synth infused than the others. If you like Little Boots trippy with transformed vocals, this is your track.

Little Boots - Remedy (Crazy Couzins Remix)

If you like that slow... very slow, electro-hop kind of remix, you'll dig the one by Rusko. Hell, they even throw in some 8-bit beats at the end if you didn't like it already.

Little Boots - Remedy (Rusko Remix)

And if the previous remix wasn't slow enough, this one beats the track to near death til' its at a mere crawl. Heavily dominated by droned out tones and drums, if you're into those 90's type power anthems, you'll love it, if not... stick to the others.

Little Boots - Remedy (Discobloodbath Remix)

Since things are going in my favor with receiving the goods lately, here's hoping Little Boots makes a tour around here. Keep up to date on where she's touring by checking her Myspace, and drop her a kind word while you're there. Do the same for Buffetlibre, Sidechains, and Cartridge as well, 'cause they're good people with some serious skills yo.


  1. that rusko mix is like some sort of cure.

    for an illness i DIDNT KNOW I HAD!

    and im not one of those rusko fo life fans

  2. Haha very well put, you said it better than I did. XD

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