Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[Daroc feat. DW + Pelifics + Charlie Fanclub]

It's always a pleasure to instantaneously know what you want to blog about. There are groups out there that when they send you something, you drop what you're doing and you listen. DW is one of those groups. They continue to build upon my Swedish music fetish with their seductive synths and distorted, yet beautiful vocals.

DW had previously hooked up with French producer Daroc to create one of my favorite tracks of the year "Hypnotic France." The track is truly mesmerizing, blissful, hypnotic, French (and Swedish).

Daroc feat. DW - Hypnotic France

Thanks to Kilian of DW, we have a few remixes for you to get your discohands on as well. The first coming from Norwegian producer Pelifics. Pelifics puts down a sensual touch, slowing the track down just a tad, creating a synthesized lullaby. Perfect for those catatonic rainy days coupled with a cat nap, oh how I love them.

Daroc feat. DW - Hypnotic France (Pelifics Remix)

British producer Charlie Fanclub also offers up a top notch remix of "Hypnotic France." If there wasn't enough chill to go around, Charlie Fanclub makes sure everyone gets their share. Emblematic of British Chill, this track would find itself at home on a legendary album, such as The KLF's 'Chill Out', one of my all time favorites.

Daroc feat. DW - Hypnotic France (Charlie Fanclub Remix)

After you've waken up from your amazing and much needed slumber, accompanied by these dream tunes, stop by these guys' Myspaces and give a shout out.

Charlie Fanclub


  1. Great tracks and good bands! Cool with some softer tunes now and then.

  2. Agree, we need more laidback electro, great remixes!

  3. Well I've been keeping my ears open to artists that bring something new to the table, and looking forward to featuring more stuff like this. :)