Saturday, June 20, 2009

[Val Venosta]

Val Venosta are a Swedish electronic band comprised of ERIK & PÄR, hailing from Halmstad, Sweden. And because I'm blessed w/ the great opportunity to run this blog, I get to find obscure gems like this hiding in my mail box. As they noted in their email, they've been played in several big podcasts and one of their songs reached the notoriety of being used as background music on Swedish Public Service Television. So take a listen to their newest single "These Days", which also includes the new track "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" and a "BFB Slow and Low" remix. I think you'll agree with me that these guys deserve much more than to be played in the back, and I'm guessing if they get a little more blog love from others in the blogosphere they'll get it.

"These Days" features a highly rigid and robotic vocal delivery with a heavy Swedish accent and of course some complimentary synth work delivered from an android I'm sure. This track makes me think of a track like Tiga "Shoes" instantaneously for whatever reasons. Now if only their video was as insane as the Tiga video they'd be set.

Val Venosta - These Days

As much of a grower as "These Days" was, "The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck" is an instant pleasure with the delicate layered synths and very gentle percussion underneath. Some of the synth work on this is world class, feeling almost as if it was plucked right out an M83 album, Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts comes to mind . When the synth-work picks up pace, it is soon joined by a series of haunting ghost-like howls to finish it off. The sad part here is that the track is over too soon, I want to hear more of these haunting howls!!

Val Venosta - The Abominable Computer at Castle Dragonwyck

Also check out the "BFB Slow and Low" Remix done by Gothenburg (in Sweden, look it up) techno gurus Bird Fish In Between. It really is slow and it really is low, a good way ;)

Val Venosta - These Days (BFB Slow and Low Mix)

So if you're a fellow lover of pretty much everything Sweden, and especially Swedish musicians, get your discohands up in this and afterward check out their music video for "These Days" and drop them a line on their Myspace.


  1. I love it!
    It sounds so classic but still so unique!!!

  2. yeah, really diggin' the Abominable Computer track, very unique.

  3. hey nice blog, im too makes a post of val venosta this week and the musik of there are so cool