Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Untouched by the blogosphere and fresh to your virgin ears, here is PinkBoy. He is only one project of Nuno Rosa AKA Gun N' Rose from the illustrious DISCOTEXAS Crew. Got your attention now?

PinkBoy has been a long time resident DJ at the famous Club Lux in Lisbon. He just finished up recording and producing the new single "Paradox" for the band Post Hit. And even better, he's doing us the honor of allowing us to debut his ace remix. Nuno Rosa / PinkBoy / Gun N' Rose has been someone to keep an eye on for a while now, but I think this remix being the pure class track it is, only solidifies his relevance.

So dig in and enjoy the boss remix as well as the instrumental remix, gratis.

Post Hit - Paradox (PinkBoy Remix)
Post Hit - Paradox (PinkBoy Instrumental Remix)

Up next will probably be new tracks from Gun N' Rose as Nuno Rosa is currently in the studio working hard on some new material, which if things go well should be out by late July. Until then, check out his Myspace and say hello!

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  1. Great! I love Gun N' Roses, and I'll waiting those tracks that you're talking about, specially if you can add something new. By the way, the PinkBoy has been adding good songs in the Internet, specially in blogs like this one.