Friday, May 8, 2009


DiscoTexan VEGA is back in the blogosphere after the gratis release of his fresh Disco House song "No Reasons". This time with a nice montage to accompany the brilliant track. This isn't the first time VEGA has dipped into the alt sport movie genre for inspiration, he's done so before with the 80's "classic" 'RAD' for the beast of a track "All Too Vivid". This dude has some really great things going for him, not only are the synth blessed songs damn good all by their lonesome, but he has a voice that is the perfect compliment. Alot of electro groups out there have one or the other, but rarely posses both in perfect harmony, such as the magnificent Tesla Boy.

VEGA - No Reasons
VEGA - All Too Vivid

Since we're blogging about homages to "classic" 80's filmography and specifically 'Trashin'.. remember Nightwaves and their boss ass video for the Phil Collins cover of "In The Air Tonight" a la BuffetLibre Rewind 2? Yes? No? It doesn't matter... I think this will be the perfect spot to plug their video and track if you haven't snatched it up yet. Perfect harmony, once again.

Video by TNUC

NightWaves - In The Air Tonight

I'm really diggin this dudes music lately and really pullin' for him. Especially since the bullshit he had to deal with on the Crystal Castles tour. Talk about primadonas. As always float on by to his Myspace and give him some kind words.


  1. VEGA's video is decent...

    but the NIGHTWAVES video takes the cake!

  2. I definitely agree, that's why I used the segue as an excuse to post it :)

  3. Oh man! I have been waiting for some new vega since I discovered him on discodust last year! Amazing stuff.
    Have you heard Ghosthuster?

  4. OMG the VEGA song just blew me away, I love when that happens...

  5. hot shit! i love nightwaves more but the "all 2 vivid" track is my fave fave! xo.

  6. no doubt, all 2 vivid is insanely good!